Form wizard


FormWizard: Simplest usage.

In this example we just provide a form and apply FormWizard to it.

No special options are provided to the constructor, just the id of the form we want to convert.

The code

The code is very simple:

new FormWizard('contactForm');

Press this button to see it at work:

You should also feel free to peruse the css used to style the wizard.

The Form

Title of the static Form

The very first page

Insert your email and let me send you a ton of spam. You can change idea later in the submission process.

Trust me, I swear.

The email address goes here ->

Free Message

Insert your message below


If we had used the pageFlow control we could have a summary of the data we get.

Let me show you another example adding a script to fill this page with the data from the previous ones.

Oh, if I was in your shoes, I won't push the submit button below. It sends all your data to nowere, as far as I know.